Signature Spa Treatments


BEST ENJOYED: Reclining and Unwinding
THE MOOD: Hello Mellow!
EXPERIENCE: Settle in for a green tea extract cleanse followed by a Vitamin Berry Tonic reset and simmer down with a gentle lavender-hibiscus steam towel application. Let your mind wander into fields of strawberry and lavender as you are gently exfoliated and nourished with a luxurious blend of rice powder, strawberry fruit extract, whole milk and organic lavender buds. Your journey to youth is merely beginning with a yogurt mask that is specially formulated with natural lactic acid that works to prevent premature aging. Quench your skin with a peptide-enhanced skin brightening serum along with a botanical milk hydrator. A Crow Catcher Eye Serum treatment completes the transformation.  Cost: $65


BEST ENJOYED: Slipping into a new you
THE MOOD: Feet up
EXPERIENCE: Welcome to the softer side of the sole. A vitamin E and sweet almond oil soak, fragranced with citrus notes of lemon and warm cream, cradles hands and feet. As a warm honey glaze is brushed onto skin, you’ll begin to notice toasty notes of cinnamon and cloves envelop your senses as this raw honey wrap penetrates into skin to provide lasting hydration. Once moisturized, you’re buffed to gleaming perfection with an organic, whipped shea butter body polish. Finally, breathe easy as a creamy buttermilk and organic lavender-infused steeped milk massage sends your senses away to a land of velvety softness.

Cost: $50


BEST ENJOYED: Phone: OFF. Total relaxation: ON.
THE MOOD: Do not disturb.
EXPERIENCE: Slip away for a hand and foot renewal that begins with your feet and legs dipping into a dreamy buttery whole milk and chicory root soak. Hands are wrapped in steeping towels infused with the same soothing milk blend. Next, a honey-lavender sea salt + rice bran oil exfoliator smooths and softens legs and feet. You’re then treated to a creamy yogurt, honey and oat face mask to soothe irritations. A grand finale massage for both hands and legs includes a Buttermilk-Lavender kneading that caresses your skin with 
creamy organic coconut milk. If only this could be a new daily ritual! Cost: $50


BEST ENJOYED: By candlelight with your favorite dog-eared paperback
THE MOOD: Calm, cool, cozy
EXPERIENCE: Let your mind unwind as the sweet, sensual Whipped Honey sea salt scrub leaves your skin feeling as fresh as a flower. You may be tempted to taste the Pajama Paste, a succulent yogurt, honey and oat mask that will quench your skin’s deepest thirst once it’s bundled up in a steaming Lavender Hibiscus wrap. Prepare for a gloriously fragrant finish with instantly soothing and antioxidant-rich Honey-Magnolia oil made with grapeseed, olive fruit and orange fruit oils.

Cost: $ 85


BEST ENJOYED: Adventure in relaxation
THE MOOD: Perfectly planned escape
EXPERIENCE: ( 2 hours ) The perfect time for yourself is a cocoon of relaxation that begins with a steaming lavender and juniper ale herb oil  infused wrap on hands, feet, shoulders and neck to ease you into stressless bliss. Then, enjoy an organic sunflower oil and blue agave extract massage using hot pink himalayan salt stones that leave behind a soft kiss of coconut milk and red berries. Cost: $150