Express Services

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Best to enjoy this before must impress events.
This is a 20 minute steam powered revival for pale, sallow skin. This full on oxygenating skin-tightening, circulation heightening steam towel facial begins with a minty fresh and creamy green tea cleanser. A whipped shea butter and micro sugar polish nourishes as it works. Next a steaming towel sets in a special cactus gel for a hot kick  that stimulates as it tones, before a little sweet agave nectar oil application for a dewey, youthful complexion you are now clear for a radiant arrival. 


Sinus Relief Facial for when your sinuses are getting the best of you, you need this relaxing relief. To unstuff those sinuses, we will begin with a hot towel stepped in a mint oil. Followed up with an invigorating milk wash. A cucumber buffing powder provides nourishment specially formulated with calming french green clay and cucumber extract to take effect on your complexion. Guac star mask is then painted with a soothing fan brush it's packed with fatty acids that work to protect your skins outermost layer. Then another tea stepped towel remove any remnants of this mask and a antioxidant rich serum is applied and followed by a hydrating moisturizer. Finish with an eye serum that tends to those pesky crows feet will be massaged in delicately to relieve the sinus pressure trigger points around the eye and nasal cavity. 


Tightening a toning face and eye revitalization-
Starting with sand your ground exfoliator helps eliminate bacteria and dead skin, so you are left with nothing but clean, clear, and soft skin. Continues to cleanse with a green tea and coconut milk wash for serious hydration. 
Now a soothing application cactus infused wrap to tighten skin and increase circulation, then our brightening serum is applied to fight pigmentation for a more vibrant complexion. Three milk moisturizer to fight fine lines is next to amp up the hydration level in your overall face, then our crow catcher eye serum helps to minimize wrinkles around the eyes leaving you with the face you have been dreaming about. 


EXPERIENCE: This hydrating experience is yours for the taking. Bask in a warm cocoon of quintessential nourishment with a steaming towel compress. You choose to be wrapped in either: soothing agave nectar oil, comforting cocoa and mango butter balm or dreamy raw Texas wildfl ower honey. Skin will drink up whichever moisturizing cocktail you choose.


EXPERIENCE: Hair dazzles in radiance! Add a relaxing sweet almond oil scalp treatment and scalp massage to your experience. This add-on helps relieve tension while also moisturizing and nourishing hair for the supreme replenishment.