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"Imagine. Create. Enjoy"

Wedding Table Setup
Wedding Table Set

Wedding Décor & Table Design

Are you getting married? Needing someone to oversee your vision for you décor for the most important day of your life! We can help! 

The decorations for your wedding are as important as the dress you will wear. Why you ask? Because they are in the background of every picture and set the theme for your guests to remember as well. Everything from the table setting to the flowers and the small detail of accents that make your wedding as unique as the couple love story.

Home Décor & Organization

Anything from re-organization to putting up holiday decorations in your home we can do. Do you need help getting settled into your new home or streamline décor for pictures being taken of your home to be put on the market? We are here to help in these area's.

Interior Design
Lunch Table
Indoor Wedding Table

Event Décor & Planning

Are you having a party for a milestone in life?

Baby Shower, Graduation, Anniversary, Promotion, Wedding Engagement the list goes on and on with the times we want to celebrate something or someone in our lives. We are here to help you coordinate and plan the event and all the details!

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