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Stunning Dawn™

Brightening Eye Cream @farmhousefresh

FarmHouse Fresh Skincare


In spa retail area NOW!!

Just came in this week, because our Esthetician Kimberly G. Brown Esthetician & Makeup Artist tried it loved it and knew you all would too! It's an under eye brighter and a eye cream in one! Shut the front 🚪 door!

Y'all know we love products that are multifunctional because they save time and money 💰.

We need all of those we can get right? Well come in and get this one you won't be mad we promise🤞

Look radiant & rested!

What it is: A creamy, luxurious under-eye treatment that instantly hydrates, brightens, corrects & conceals with a peachy-nude sheen.

Why you'll love it: Like a magic wand for tired eyes, this eye cream is packed with transformative ingredients like bakuchiol (a natural alternative to retinol) to firm and smooth out the look of wrinkles, and vitamin C to visibly brighten. Hyaluronic acid and niacinamide quench and soothe the delicate skin around your eye, while mica minerals scatter light to hide dark circles and give you a perky glow-up.

Just a pea-size amount on the dark areas under your eyes is all you need to look like you’ve had a full night’s sleep! Avoid applying onto crow's feet area as this product has a subtle iridescence.

Stunning Dawn Eye Cream

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