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Male Spa Services

BEST ENJOYED: In an oasis of calm THE MOOD: High. Light. EXPERIENCE: Leave your lipstick at the door. This totally enveloping facial removes the extras of modern time and imparts pure, skincalming wonder. We begin with a steaming, rosemary mint neck wrap and creamy coconut cleanser that will leave skin dewy. You’re spritzed with an aronia fruit and rose water tonic to seal all the splendidness in, before a whipped micro-sugar polish sloughs skin smooth! An age-old peat purity mud infuses skin with mineral and plant bionutrients that rapidly relieve and instantly soothe. Then a decadent resveratrol wine down serum works wonders as it’s massaged into complexion! Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer is applied next, this botanical hydrating peptide releases wrinkles to the wind! Finally, Crow Catcher, a peptide-enhanced serum, banishes fine lines around the eyes. After this vegetative facial, you may want the full body replenishment too.


BEST ENJOYED: Glowy and green. THE MOOD: Kale makes a complexion gorgeous EXPERIENCE: It’s a new way to refresh! Oily-prone skin finds its balance in this mattifying facial. We begin with a foaming micro kale and green tea extract wash. You’ll get lost in this cleanser’s refreshing scent as the superstar ingredient, full-spectrum Hi Bio™ Hemp oil, removes oil and makeup. Get your greens with a cucumber water tonic with triple hydroxy acids that delivers a fast refresh and a healthy balance to pores! Next, a minty plantfoliant™ with 5 botanicals reveals the silky softness you had just beneath the tough stuff. Before we end, complexion is treated to a delicious glycolic mask – chock full of replenishing coconut milk and Texas honey. Skin is then illuminated with a peptideenhanced brightening serum, while crow’s feet are toast with an eye-transforming serum that instantly diminishes the look of lines. Finally, total weightless hydration is yours with a FHF-grown micro kale extract moisturizer that delivers a clinical ageless peptide.

BEST ENJOYED: Jack Frost, who? THE MOOD: Over the moon in soft EXPERIENCE: We begin this softening hand and foot treatment with a coconut oil soak – scented with delicious notes of gingersnap and peppermint! A sweet cream sea salt scrub then buffs feet and hands until there isn’t a rough patch left. A wisp of fresh! We end with a vitaminrich, peptide infused body whip that deeply hydrates and envelopes arms and legs with vitamin-rich emollient oils to bring forth your natural glow.


EXPERIENCE: This seasonal back scrub is the perfect add-on to amplify that nourishment factor. Begin with a vitamin E infused water drizzle – lightly applied to back to prep for a dazzling scrub – clearing the path of any rough patch or dry skin. You’re then nestled in a sultry hydrating towel compress – this wrap will soak up remnants of the exfoliant and leave skin refined. A gentleman’s favorite!


EXPERIENCE: A recovery that’s well deserved! Breathe deeply in and out as a rejuvenating blue matcha and CBD blend body balm provides relief to tired muscles and dry, chapped skin. The end result? Ultimate relief and hydration all winter long!


EXPERIENCE: Indulge in this 5 minute back polish treatment for the ultimate spa experience – a favorite among gentlemen! Breathe easy as an organic sugar and shea butter scrub is gently massaged into skin and back muscles to reveal a more polished you.